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  Space Symposium 2019









2019 AMSATSA Space Symposium 16 March 2019


Copies of the following papers are now available for download

Keynote address :

Current activities in the ITU with respect to small satellites

Speaker: Linden Petzer, Chief Director: Radio & Satellite Communication DTPS

The genesis of small satellites was in the amateur-satellite service. However today these satellites are being used for a wide variety of missions and applications, including remote sensing, space weather research, astronomy, communications, technology demonstration and education, as well as commercial applications, and therefore may operate under various radiocommunication services. Nevertheless, these satellites are still being registered as “amateur satellites”.

The ITU has issued 2 reports pertaining to small satellites.

A simplified regulatory regime for the co-ordination, notification and recording procedures for frequency assignments pertaining to non-GSO Satellites with short duration missions is required.

There is also work underway within the ITU-R Study Groups on the TT&C Spectrum Requirements for non-GSO Satellites with short duration missions.

These latter two issues will be discussed at the forthcoming ITU World Radiocommunication Conference in Egypt in November 2019.

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The SatNOGS opensource ground station and network
Speaker: Tom van den Bon ZR6TG

The SatNOGS system is completely opensource and allows you to develop and build on it. All Satellite ground station owners also have access to other stations around the world. Using nothing more than
antenna, SDR and Raspberry PI you can build your own DIY Satellite Ground Station that can be used to track and decode various telemetry/data from different satellites that pass over South Africa.

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ZACube-2, a South-African Maritime Domain Awareness and fire detection demonstrator mission
Speaker: Leon Steenkamp

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10:10            Artificial Intelligence to identify satellite signals
Speaker: Anton Janovsky ZR6AIC

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 ES’hailSat— Amateur Radio’s first geostationary satellite

Speaker: Hannes Coetzee ZS6BZP

Es’Hail-2, has been  placed in a geostationary orbit. It carries an AMSAT linear transponder as a secondary payload, been named Qatar Oscar 100 (QO100), giving amateurs for the first time access to a geostationary satellite. The presentation will provide the background and how to set up a ground station without breaking the bank.

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Build an educational CubeSat that can be used for
experimentation and teaching in the classroom.

Speaker Tom van den Bon ZR6TG

CubeSats are becoming very popular as a great space research tool. Unfortunately, education on CubeSats (especially in South Africa) only starts at a university level. We need a tool to promote and teach about CubeSats and create a new generation of space researchers (and enthusiasts of all ages) excited about launching their own CubeSats.

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A SDR transponder for AfriCUBE

Speaker: Anton Janovsky ZR6AIC


New Kletskous space frame design

Speaker: Frik Wolf ZS6FZ


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The versatility of WSPR in Amateur Radio and application
 for Balloon flights

Speaker:      Leon Lessing ZS6LMG

With payloads on Balloon Carrying Amateur Radio (BACAR) projects becoming  more sophisticated, and costly retrieval of the payload is becoming more important.


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