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  Space Symposium 2020 Papers and Presentations

Burns Fisher WB1FJ

  The 2020 AMSAT SA Space Symposium was a virtual symposium held on Saturday  22 August 2020

Current and Near Future Amateur Radio Satellites

Burns Fisher, WB1FJ,


This is a golden age of ham radio satellites! The first, Oscar-1, was launched in 1961. Saudisat
SO-50 was launched at the end of 2002. That means that the first 50 satellites with OSCAR numbers took 41 years to launch. QO-100 was launched in 2018, so the next 50 took only 16 years, and that does not count satellites without Oscar numbers (notably by Chinese amateurs).

Not all numbered Oscars are communications satellites, and not all are still operating, but regardless, there are probably more operating satellites available to radio amateurs now than ever before.

The intent of this paper is to give you an idea of what satellites are available, although it will concentrate on the AMSAT (-NA) Fox FM satellites, the future linear satellite Fox-1E, and our LTM-1 linear transponder package used in HuskySat-1. It will include details about their amateur radio communication packages, their current status, and some information about their on-board experiments. It will also discuss the future AMSAT Golf series of satellites as well as a brief list of some of the other amateur communication satellites that are currently operational.

Download the full paper here